One on one with: Piergiacomo – Engineering Office

We talked about the company’s Engineering Office with Piergiacomo, a member of the Nardini team for 15 years. 

How did your adventure at Nardini begin?

I began my path at Nardini in 2007. Currently I handle mechanical design, manuals and other activities for the engineering department. 

What motivates you in your day-to-day work?

The most rewarding thing is transforming the needs of the client, from an idea to a design, and from a design to a machine. Seeing the finished pieces, the assembly of the machine and, lastly, seeing the machinery working in the client’s facilities. It thrills me to see all that, and there’s a bit of pride in seeing the functional operation of something we created together. 

What do you bring to the company?

What I want to contribute is my experience, so that I can help my team and thus help our other colleagues. 

How do you like working on a team?

We’re a true team in the Engineering Office: we all work together. Generally, the company culture is really great.  

What challenge do you face each day?

The delivery date of the machines is a challenge for me, in that their creation starts from the designs that our office comes up with. We work together, in unison, to respect them. 

How would you define Nardini?

Two words: historical and energetic.