One on one with: Emilio – Machine Department

Our company is made up of various teams of skilled experts, who dedicate each day to the creation of a complete, high-quality product. Today we’ve interviewed Emilio, the head of the Machine Department.

How did your adventure at Nardini begin?

I’ve known about Nardini since I was a boy, seeing that I live in the same town. After I graduated and finished serving in the military, back in 2003, I sent my CV to the company and immediately began working with them.

You’ve been here for almost 20 years. How has the company changed?

Without a doubt, it’s changed thanks to innovative new technology, the purchase of new, more competitive machinery. Moreover, in recent years we’ve consistently taken lots of training courses. In general, there has been substantial growth in terms of production, so much so that I’m now the head of the Machine Department, the same department where I started 19 years ago.

What added value do you bring to the company?

I was young when I started here and I learned a lot from those who were already here. Likewise, I try to pass on that experience, knowledge, and those skills to the new hires and student apprentices. We always try to keep pace with the times in terms of machinery and innovation, so that we can be increasingly efficient and quick.

How do you get on with the team?

The relationships within my team are really great; they’re based on trusting people, mutual trust. Whenever I, as the coordinator, am not here, I fully trust them; I know that they can proceed thanks to their skills and competencies.

What’s the hardest phase of your job?

The most challenging phase is undoubtedly coordinating all the work. You have to be really organized in terms of timing and try to get all the parts out to our clients at the same time.

What do you like about your job?

Everything. It’s a job that I find really satisfying and doesn’t weigh on me. It’s just a good reason to get up every morning.

How would you define Nardini?

To me, Nardini is a historical company, a solid company that’s looking to the future.