Nardini SpA attains ISO 14001 Certification

Nardini Certificazione 14001

ISO 14001 Certification is a new acknowledgement of the hard work done by the Nardini SpA
team every day for more than 70 years, to achieve maximum standards for all projects and
solutions while guaranteeing the satisfaction of customers who choose the company. ISO 14001
Environmental Certification is a further symbol of our company quality and sustains its value with
customers, increasingly more careful over consumption and sustainability.

The role of ISO 14001 Environmental Certification

This certification applies to all environmental aspects controlled by the company and for which the
qualitative aspects required by environmental regulations are met. More specifically considering
factors such as: The environmental policy implemented, activities carried out, their location and
the conditions in which they are effectively performed. The certification covers a series of
activities and modus operandi that the company performs daily.

The Environmental Certification certifies that Nardini uses its resources in an aware manner. The
reduction of the impact of its corporate activities on the planet and the resulting reduction of
pollution are some of the company’s prerogatives and commitments. The company plans its
actions and constantly monitors and assesses environmental results, in order to improve them
continuously over the years.

ISO 14001 Environmental Certification strengthens the Nardini SpA image at a historical
celebratory moment like that of 70 years in business.

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