Nardini Identikit Spare: a check-up for your machinery


Nardini SpA offers you the chance to get close up and learn more about the work method that makes our
company and its 70 years in business stand out.

The new Nardini Identikit Spare service

With Nardini Identikit Spare you can carry out a check up on any one of your machines, certify whether it is
operating at maximum level or whether it needs technical improvements to refine and obtain better
results. Our survey helps us understand the state of your machines and lines and enables us to suggest the
best solution to maximise goals and efficiency.

A short questionnaire for the Nardini survey

We have created a page dedicated to the Nardini Identikit Spare service on our website, with a quick
questionnaire with which to analyse and obtain the main information on the requesting party’s machinery.
In that way, the Nardini SpA team can take action with the right knowledge and skills to find a solution for

Would you like more information on Nardini Spare? Please contact us on number 0422 445464 or send an
email to for an answer to all your questions.