Nardini Customer Support Service: being close to your customer

Assistance Nardini

Having achieved its invaluable, 70-year activity goal, Nardini continues its search for innovative solutions to
support the customers choosing it.

The importance of an efficient Customer Care service
We believe that good relations with our customers are a must. We have an entire team section dedicated
to customer care and the response to their needs and requests. To support this daily, we offer an additional
service to be increasingly closer to customers.

Nardini assistance
You have to be there for your customers on all occasions, showing them that they can always count on your
company’s support and skills and on a trusted team. With that in mind, we in Nardini SpA, working in close
contact with customers for 70 years now, have created a solution to further strengthen the trust
relationship between us and them, to decrease physical distances in favour of human ones, strengthening
connections and ties.

The Nardini Spa Customer Support Service plan: PLUS, EXPERT, PREMIUM
The Nardini assistance plan has been designed with several assistance levels based on plan type and the
situations to be handled. We have decided on 3 assistance plan types: Plus, Expert, Premium. These 3 plans
offer customers a different assistance service (for acceptance, hourly activity and yearly ticket) based on
the expense involved.
The link will sum up the 3 different plan types and their benefits.

Do you want to know about all the benefits of these assistance plans? Do you want to sign a Nardini
Assistance contract with one of the plans listed? Please contact us on number 0422 445464 or send an
email to for more information on the offers and their plans.