Innovation and initiative, passion and trust: our first 70 years.

We come from afar; in 1952 when Dante Nardini started out on a path full of challenges – short, medium and long-term targets to be met. 70 years later we can proudly say that his ambitions have truly been satisfied. Over the years our company has watched its founder’s ambitions come true; and we have carried on creating new ones, tenacious and well aware of the power of innovation, an essential choice when producing solutions capable of greater performances.

Innovation and history: the two aspects that have made Nardini stand out, and which are still breathed and exist to an equal extent in the company today. And then vitality, initiative, the value we attribute to doing. A vision summed up in the claim Think, Make, Move: the concreteness of our approach, always oriented to satisfying the requests of each single customer. Think, as listening and talent, to understand and interpret needs with customised solutions; Make, as the ability to make them using the most advanced technologies; Move, as a value of service, attention, support and competent assistance, on-going and timely even after delivery.

We have now reached 5 continents, spreading the know-how and guarantee of what’s Made in Italy and Made in Nardini and building, lasting relationships. Above all, it is these relationships we want to celebrate in this anniversary: people, working for people. Our teams’ dedication and our customers’ trust. 

Thank you to the former who made the competitiveness of our targets possible and to the latter for continuously stimulating new ones.