Nardini was founded in 1952 as a mechanical workshop for the maintenance and repair of the machinery of the Burgo di Carbonera paper mill. Those were the years of reconstruction and the subsequent Italian economic boom, in which there was a multitude of initiatives in all industrial sectors.

At the beginning, the company was made up of Mr. Dante Nardini and some employees, all skilled mechanics who carried out their work with passion and dedication. The passion for mechanics and innovation leads Mr. Nardini to be increasingly appreciated in the paper production sector.

The experience gained in the paper industry allowed him to create, in 1954, the first production line of bituminous paper for Silcart company, at that time called Cartosile. In the following years, Dante Nardini asserted himself as a manufacturer of production lines in the nascent Italian sector of the production of bitumen-polymer membranes, proposing innovative and sophisticated mechanical solutions, thus becoming one of the main players in the business.

In a short time, on the basis of the experience acquired, the company’s expertise was extended to all the plant engineering relating to the production of APP bituminous membranes. This competence will allow Dante Nardini to grow and be known all over the world as a manufacturer of mechanically reliable, sophisticated and innovative systems.

This growth was further enhanced in 1979 by a unique invention: the “Container System”. This construction system allows to create all the components of a complete plant in containers, ready for shipment and assembly at the destination site. Thanks to this invention, orders from countries where there was a growing demand for new plants for the production of bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes came abundant.

From there, the company’s expansion to the rest of the world happened almost naturally. The producers of EuropeAmericaChina and Arab countries were all attracted by the know-how and the name Nardini, which has now become synonymous with quality, innovation and durability.

Over the years, the Nardini Company has increasingly consolidated its reputation by becoming one of the main players in the development of the bitumen-polymer membrane sector. It builds lines for the most important producers in the world, who find in Nardini an innovative and reliable partner, with whom they can share their industrial growth and create a solid, lasting and trusting collaboration.

Today, the company philosophy is carried forward by the current Nardini management, which continues to be faithful to the teaching of its founder Dante Nardini, offering its customers the best systems with innovative and sophisticated mechanical, electronic and software solutions, because this is the only way to face and overcome the challenges of the 21st century of the bitumen-polymer membranes’ world.