70 years of Nardini: an accomplishment to be shared

We want to choose the right words to describe the evolutions and changes that we’ve seen at Nardini over the years. 

As emerged in our last article, Nardini SPA is history, passion, innovation, and ambition (link to article), but it’s also a team of people who collaborate each and every day. Actually, there are 5 teams at the company (production, assembly, sales, after-sales & customer support, design + automation) that collaborate synergistically to come up with new solutions that are beneficial to the company.

In 2022, we shared the milestone of 70 years in business with all of them. Renzo Lunardelli, CEO of Nardini S.p.a., remarked:

70 years means history, evolution and looking to the future. Every day of those 70 years contains a small piece of Nardini, from its family to the products, parts, solutions, and people that make up the company. There are those who have been with our team for over 40 years, and others for 20, or 10, and yet others who joined us just a few years ago. They all have taken part in the changes and evolution of the company, each in their own way, and they have contributed to the constant growth of Nardini.  

Growth is an important topic that can be felt in every department, every day. In the words of Lunardelli: ‘Working at Nardini is an ongoing challenge to constantly improve and to achieve concrete results with determination’.

These are the challenges that motivate the members of the Nardini team day after day, a testimony to the quality and value of the work done. 

Nardini is all of that. A collection of viewpoints, from the oldest to the youngest team members, a mix of approaches based on the motto of ‘Think Make Move’ that has always defined the company, and the attention given to the needs of the client, to guarantee quality machines and assistance that are consistent over time.